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Age: 2 YEARS 

Can I live with other dogs? YES

Can I live with cats? NO

Can I live with children? 16 YEARS +


Comet came into rescue after he was found abandoned, having been left for several days. With the help of experienced dog handlers, we were able rescue Comet.

Comet has been under assessment since December. Comet has successfully had some slow introductions to another female mali. He showed no reactivity to her off lead, and has not shown any reactivity towards people. Comet is happy to share his toys, and is learning the 'leave' command well. Comet is highly toy driven, and has a lot of energy. He will need a breed experienced, working or extremely active home that can meet his needs with training, working and exercising. 

Comet could live with another dog as long as this is well managed with slow introductions and the ability to separate. We will only accept applications from those that meet the above criteria.

Comet is currently in the Stevenage area.

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