Drea is around 18 months old and is an American Bulldog cross. 
We are looking for applications from experienced homes who have dealt with large, strong dogs previously and who have the willingness to continue with her training plan. Ideally Drea needs an owner who has experience also with common adolescent dog behaviour and knows how to correct this without using forceful methods. We only allow positive reinforcement trainers to work with our dogs and we are happy to help any potential adopter, find a suitable behaviourist local to them, to support them and Drea. 
We believe Drea may also benefit from living with a well balanced, older dog, who can help to teach her right from wrong as she matures. Drea is extremely high energy and excitable so the other resident dog would need to be of similar size and have willingness to play. Space to seperate when needed should be considered too. 
Drea is currently in foster and meet and greets will be required for you and your dog to meet her on neutral ground.