Hello everybody, I'm Henry, I'm 5 years old and I am looking for a foster home. I am a doberman cross and I am a very sensitive soul so my new foster needs to be patient, understanding and experienced with large breeds as I have some issues which I need help with. 
I came into rescue as a welfare case and have had a totally horrid past. I can tell you about it if you think you may be able to help me. I'm really hoping that there is someone who will be able to help me, even though I know it's a long shot,
I am reactive to other animals and would love a quiet home with someone who is home all the time and who doesn't have many visitors. I need my own space but do like to cuddle with my person and am very affectionate. I am happy to travel in a car but I do like to bark if I see any dogs go past. 
I don't like loud noises, such as fireworks, thunder or banging. The hoover and lawnmower scare me too.
I love to play with my toys, my favourite game is hide & seek where my human hides the treats and I have to sniff them out. I love peanut butter and coconut oil. 
I am crate trained but I need to know my human is in the house with me. I have also worn a muzzle occasionally so am familiar with one but would need help to get more comfortable with having it on. 
I need a confident foster who will accept me as I am now and work with me to help me adjust to the big scary world around me and teach me that I don't need to find these things scary anymore. 
I can only live in a child and pet free home and that includes no visiting children or pets. This is an absolute must but I am hopeful that with the right human I will be able to adjust so things can change in the future for me. 
Please message my people or complete the application form if you would like to help me and show me the world can be a good place.