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Operation Hope

Operation Hope is a social media based group led by dog rescuers (Last Hope Animal Rescue) and fundraisers (Milo’s Mission helping animals in need). We work together to help dogs in crisis situations and where no other help is forthcoming. We are proud to have the support of rescue colleagues who collaborate with us and ensure the dogs can be safely rescued. 


Operation Hope has been responsible for 5 rescue operations.


Operation Hope 1. December 2018 

This was a covert rescue of dogs from an animal hoarder who was unable to provide adequate care for them. Despite numerous reports to the authorities no action had been taken. Last Hope were able to work with the family and secured the rescue of 16 dogs. Two of these dogs died shorty after they were rescued and the condition of the others gave the RSPCA sufficient evidence to act. This led to them removing a further 14 dogs and two other animals. No further information or photographs are available due to legal proceedings.


Operation Hope 2. February 2019 


Concerns were expressed on social media about an injured dog at Montys Large Breed Rescue, known as Red. After delicate negotiations Nicola Brooks- Belcher of Last Hope Animal Rescue agreed with Steve Jones (the owner)that he would let her take Red, who she subsequently renamed Hooch.  A professional transporter attended the same day to collect him. It became apparent that Hooch was very seriously ill and his wounds were infected. He was taken straight to Last Hopes vets. Sadly after a monumental 4 day battle to save him it became apparent that Hooch was losing the fight against the infection. After consulting the vet who was treating Hooch and other veterinary professionals the decision was made that the only kind act for Hooch would be to help him to cross peacefully over rainbow bridge.


In addition to Hooch we also rescued 19 other dogs, who are now under the care of Last Hope Rescue, Loving Homes, Ravens Rescue, Bruno’s Animal Haven and DDB Welfare. With out their support and help the rescue of these dogs would have been impossible. 


Operation Hope received overwhelming support on social media and donations totalling £6,558 were received. This has been spent as follows


Veterinary fees - £2601.15

Transport costs -  £1771

Kennel fees  -£1984

Remaining balance : £202 This is held in the Operation Hope account for the future needs of these dogs. 


Donations of food, bedding treats and toys have also been received and these are with the dogs in the various rescues. We are also aware that donations have been made direct to the rescues. 


Operation Hope 3. March 2019 


Todd was found abandoned in the Croydon area and taken to the PDSA by the dog warden. They estimated he is four to five years old and has most likely been used as a bait dog. He was severely emaciated and in very poor condition. Following a plea for help on social media, Operation Hope took over his care. 


Todd was moved to Last Hopes vets to receive intensive care. As well as being severely emaciated he had a serious leg injury that appeared septic. It was thought he might not survive. Despite being very ill, he is still showed his sweet nature. After 5 days of intensive care he started to get better. He has a very long road ahead of him and will remain under veterinary care for a considerable time. The social media response for Todd has been overwhelming and £6,609 has been donated for his care. This means Todd will be able to receive everything he needs to give him the best chance of a full recovery.


Operation Hope 4. April 2019 


We were informed about a family of dogs, whose owner had left their care to a relative who lived a considerable distance away from them. Despite her best efforts the relative was unable to care for them properly and asked for help. Initially Operation Hope were able to rescue two poorly puppies - Winnie and Hope but we subsequently rescued their mother Sasha and her son from a previous litter, Monty. One of the pups, Winnie has been quite poorly and has needed considerable vet care. However all four dogs are now safe and well cared for in their forever homes.


Operation Hope 5. September 2019


Iris was found abandoned in Manchester with severe skin problems and unable to walk properly. She has received vet care and is now slowly recovering in an excellent, experienced foster home.

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